The ZMS Group evolved from a well established platform in the automotive sector in Saudi Arabia to an organization with an extensive product portfolio across diverse market sectors and representing an internationally renowned supplier base in the Middle East.

Focusing on individual business needs designed to consistently maintain first class customer service the Group has grown by utilising the assets of a strong managerial and financial structure to accommodate strategic investment at Group level to promote and expand the ZMS businesses at a grass roots level.

This strategy allows ZMS to successfully develop its Group activities whilst allowing specialization within the management teams of each business unit.

The strength of this management philosophy allows for the Group to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities at a strategic level, identifying and developing new business opportunities, with the confidence that each business unit is operating efficiently and profitably on a stand alone basis.

The diversity within the Group, operating in the automotive, financial, construction, data management and tourism sectors allows ZMS to access technical knowledge, management skills and market intelligence within its own organisation structure and to continue to successfully integrate new business initiatives in what ever market sector they may arise.

This, in turn, gives ZMS the flexibility of promoting growth in new market sectors and a consistent synergy with the expansion and development projected to continue within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC economies.



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